Regionalna razvojna agencija Požeško-slavonske županije

What we do?

The Regional development coordinator of Požega-Slavonia County was founded by Požega-Slavonia County with the aim to support sustainable economic growth of the County. We are regional development coordinator for the County registered by the ministry responsible for regional development and also central County coordinator for the attraction and retention of FDI.

In partnership with public, private and civil sector our objective is to achieve the vision stated in the Regional Development Strategy of the Požega-Slavonia County:

“Požega- Slavonia County is a modern and competitive county where modern technology intertwines with a rich history and preserved environment - the County where is a pleasure to live and work”

Mission statement

Our mission is support of regional development through:

  • promotion and encouragement of domestic and foreign investments by guiding investors through investment procedures
  • promotion of entrepreneurial climate by providing information, consultancy and education to business sector
  • coordination of regional stakeholders in order to create and implement programs and projects of regional interest
  • design and implementation of Regional Development Strategy of Požega-Slavonia County