Regionalna razvojna agencija Požeško-slavonske županije


The most important activity of companies in Požega-Slavonia County is manufacturing which employs 44% of employees and generate 34% of total revenue. Trade is also a significant activity that generates 26% of the total income of companies then agriculture, construction and road transport of goods and passengers. We are committed to attracting foreign investment in food,wood and metal processing as well as in electronics.


  1. The metal processing industry
    Products: fireplaces, stoves, cookers, gardening program, other products
  2. The wood processing industry
    Products: final products (sofa sets, dining tables, sideboards and cabinetes, chairs, cofee tablets, bedrooms) semifinished products (sawn tibmer, elements, any kinds of glued panels) furnishing (hospitality, residentital, business and sacral facilities), firewood briquette.
  3. The food processing industry
    The production of food and drinks is an important field of economics in the Pozega-Slavonia County, same as in the rest of Croatia. Pozega-Slavonia County offers food processing companies excellent advantages to source quality raw material, engage productive people in processing and product manufacturing and build profitable enterprises. The Pozega-Slavonia County has 895 hectares of cultivated agricultural land (ploughed land, gardens, orchards, and vineyards) which is 49% of the total surface area. As a result of well-preserved nature and environment, the Pozega-Slavonia County, as well as Croatia, has an advantage over other developed countries and is able to produce a variety of foods that are of high quality and healthy for consumers.
  4. The textile industry
    Products: men’s shirts and women’s blouses

Examples of existing investors include the following:

  • KUTJEVO dd, Kutjevo, deals with: viticulture and winemaking, grain production and other crops by cattle breeding, storing and drying grains in silos, grapes produce
  • and high quality far-known wines, fining seeds (wheat, corn, sugar beets, (all types of wheat and rye flour, fresh bread and pastry, permanent bakery products,
  • mills, healthy food program: wheat germ, pickled, integral flour)
  • COLOR EMAJL d.o.o. Požega, production of fireplaces and flue elements
  • SPIN VALIS d.d. Požega, manufacture of furniture, slabs, sawn timber and elements
  • PLAMEN d.d. Požega, manufacture of cast iron products and household appliances
  • ZVEČEVO d.d. Požega, production of confectionery and spirits
  • LIPIK GLAS d.o.o. , Lipik (production of cast and technical glass)
  • MAGMA d.o.o. Požega, manufacture of metal structures and their parts
  • AGRONOM d.o.o. Požega, trade in agricultural products, agricultural mechanization and raw material
  • ORLJAVA d.d. Požega, production of men's shirts and women's blouses
  • PRESOFLEX-GRADNJA d.o.o. Požega, construction industry
  • AUTOPROMETE ENTERPRISE d.d. Požega, transport of passengers by buses, tourist agency
  • STRAGA TRANS d.o.o. Lipik, road freight transport

The bearers of the word "Croatian quality" are:

  • Kutjevo d.d. Kutjevo
  • Orljava d.d. Pozega
  • Ribnjačarstvo Poljana
  • Spin Valis d.d. Pozega
  • Zvečevo d.d. Pozega

The products of the "original Croatian" bearers are:

  • Vinjak Barun Trenk (Zvečevo d.d.)
  • Mikado Milk Chocolate with Rice (Zvečevo d.d.)
  • Požega viljamovka (Wilijams Požega)
  • Poljana carp (Ribnjačarstvo Poljana d.d.)
  • Graševina, top wine (Kutjevo d.d.)