Regionalna razvojna agencija Požeško-slavonske županije

Entrepreneurial zones and investment incentives

Nine entrepreneurial zones (9), which spread out on a surface area of more than 349 ha

  • adequate infrastructure - water, electricity supply systems, telecommunications, and fiber optic cables, connections to purification plants, designed to meet all ecological standards

They offer favorable entry conditions:

  • low land prices,
  • constructed facilities,
  • lower costs of utilities infrastructure,
  • utility-service payment’s exemption,
  • utility-service fee exemption,
  • direct and indirect state and local incentives.


We offer an excellent range of incentives at national and county level:

  • Tax benefits - profit tax can be reduced up to 0% for 10 years,
  • Customs benefits,
  • Support for the eligible costs of creating new jobs associated with the investment,
  • Support for eligible training costs associated with the investment,
  • Incentive measures for the establishment and development of technology and innovation centres and strategic business support services,
  • Incentives for large investment projects - investment projects of significant economic interest